The Weekend That Was


Both the Bears and the Illini enjoyed robust wins in venues where they’d never won before over teams with feline monikers. Those are the kind of weekends that are usually reserved for September, if ever. They were also both pretty significant – the Bears win, coupled with a Packers choke job in D.C. and whatever happens in tonight’s Randy Moss-Brett Favre-Sanchize mediasplosion, could be in a position to run away and hide in the NFC North before the road division games start (I know it’s been said before, but it’s staggering that the Bears don’t play at a division opponent until December). This game should also be the answer to the important questions “Why did Todd Collins get cut?”

As for Illinois – what to make of this team? They just beat Penn State by one less point than Alabama and Iowa did, in Happy Valley, and it should have been much worse. Their two losses are to a ranked team in which their QB was making his first start and the current #1 team in the country, respectively. Both games were winnable. If I were to do the blindfolded resume comparison that’s usually reserved for the NCAA tournament bubble, they’d have the look of a damn respectable football team. Next week they go to East Lansing for a riding-high-after-beating-Michigan MSU team  – the last time they were there, this happened:

Cameo appearance by yours truly at the 0:15 mark, running into the developing melee with a camera (I look supremely awkward – running and filming is hard).

Anyway, remember this post? Who would’ve thought that in mid-October, Steady Nate Scheelhaase would be the one standing out from that group (although if anything, the last two weeks should show Bears fans that yes, Jay Cutler is pretty talented)?

Matt Schaub, on the other hand, is dead to me.


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