I am way too interested in team mascots, names, colors and the like. It’s why I will likely always hold a grudge against the Oklahoma City Thunder for picking such a milquetoast team identity when Barons was on the table.

As a graduate of Illinois, that means I’ve also received a degree in Controversial Mascottery/Symbolism, so I’ve been interested to follow Ole Miss’ quest (update here from “All Things Considered”) to drop Colonel Reb (for fairly obvious reasons) and find something new to act as their mascot.

Sadly, an inspired campaign to make Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi the “Rebel” mascot ultimately failed, which is a shame. After all, this is the guy that took down the Galactic Empire. Colonel Reb got his biz handed to him by the Union. Also, he’s pulling off that hat:


So now it’s down to: Rebel Black Bear, Rebel Landshark, or some dude named Todd (“Hotty Toddy,” to be specific, which is apparently something Ole Miss alums use as a salutation. Seriously.)


I think we all know the best option here.



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