Things I Learned Today

Atlanta has a WNBA team? I’m not even being a jerk. I legitimately had no idea. Nor would I have ever expected it, given that city’s general lukewarmness toward sports in general. So I turned to Wikipedia and found that this team, the Dream, has existed for two years. Interesting. My first thought is that this continues the annoying trend of christening teams with non-plural nouns (for shame, Minnesota Wild). My second thought is that opportunities for punnery are virtually limitless – something the author of that Wikipedia page seized upon with, um, considerable enthusiasm.
Edit to add:
Someone asked me why I was picking on the Wild, as they surely didn’t start that trend. That’s true, but it’s one thing when ninnies in Florida name basketball teams that way, it’s quite another when Minnesotans do it to their hockey team. Come on. Are you telling me there weren’t better options? I bet I can think of one off the top of my head right now.
Minnesota Muskies. Done. Are you telling me you wouldn’t buy that t-shirt? Because you’re lying.

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