The Weekend That Was

With a grandiose title like that, you may expect more than passing thoughts from a weekend spent listening to a lot of football on the radio. You’re going to be let down.

To that point, though – what sport translates worse to radio than football? I think the answer is likely “none.” Listen to Jeff Joniak call Matt Forte’s 89-yard TD reception. I’ll transcribe – “Out in the flat with a Kreutz block it’s Fortetothe20-25-30FORTYSIDELINEMIDFIELD…FORTYOFTHELIONS” – counting down of yardage ensues. Several seconds later, I was able to determine that Matt Forte had taken a swing pass and outrun the entire Lions secondary. Seems more important than simply shouting out five-yard increments.

I’ve done football on the radio – it’s hard. Like, crazy hard. When you think of all the potential variables that can happen in a given play – from pre-snap (formation, personnel, motion, audibles) to the actual play itself (think of all the different potential results of any given play) to the result (Yardage? Down? Who got tackled/was tackled? Anybody hurt?) – that’s a ridiculous amount of information jammed into a very tight space. But because football is open to an absurd amount of possibilities once the ball is snapped, it’s critical to bend over backwards to paint the picture for people who are lacking the visuals – as it was, I was pretty much left with the vision of a dot moving down the field, gametracker style.

Moving on…

·         Nathan Scheelhaase went 14/18 for 229, 2 TDs, no picks. I know it was against SIU, but for a freshman QB, that would be a good showing against air. Eddie McGee, it would seem, occupied the other end of the efficiency spectrum.

·         That clearly should’ve been a catch by Calvin Johnson, and the rule is dumb, but turnabout is fair play, Detroit. Also, if the Bears don’t win that game, they likely cruise to 0-4 and Lovie possibly gets bounced. Wildly significant lucky break.

·         Why does State Farm keep trotting out that eminently punchable guy when they’ve got Dennis Haysbert on the roster? Hats for bats, State Farm.

·         The ACC is bad at football, huh? Unfortunately, my fantasy team may be, also.


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