Wardrobe Malfunction

Yes, that’s a Sosa AND a Prior jersey within ten yards of each other at State and Lake. What goes through your head when you throw that on and head to the ballpark? (“Time to do it up 2003-style!”) Where’s the line for just cutting ties with a jersey?

I should note that I’m the proud owner of a Matt Murton jersey (!), but then again, I’m not wearing it in public. I’m going to wait until about 2019 or so when it becomes really hilarious.



2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Even sadder is the fact that it is one of those cheap replica jerseys. I’ve got a circa-’98 Sosa home authentic complete with Harry and Brickhouse patches. At the time, it was between that or a Sandberg one. I chose…poorly.I’ve got a Prior shirt (looks like the third jersey), that is still hanging up and like you said, in a few years it will be funny. Not Murton funny, but still good.

  2. My Murton one is the third jersey, which increases the odds it could be out of service by the time it’s wearable. That’d really take things up a notch – like the year they had road unis that looked like they said “Cuba.”

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