Batting 1.000



If I’m going to stick to the plan on the right side of the page and write about “things that are awesome, like food and drink,” then I’ve been remiss in not mentioning Bat 17. It may be a belated addition to the list of fail-safes, which is hard for a restaurant. Even Dos Reales, that bastion of affordable Mexican goodness, served us a bug one time (No worries, Dos – we’re good. See you in October.)

As you can see from the big board of sandwiches, the selection is incredible. I’m only about 20 feet away from that wall – they literally have to write small so they can fit in all of the awesome. But what’s really impressive is that they do everything there – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and open late as a bar. The beer selection is stellar and they’ve got excellent coffee, which they give away for free (seriously). How is that happening?

I’ve seen enough episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares” to know that it’s hard enough for a restaurant to do two things well, let alone like ten. Anyway, don’t just rely on me – check out the fist-sized portion of corned beef they throw on this reuben on “Chicago’s Best.”

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