Three QBs



My football season rests in the hands of these three dudes. One’s a redshirt freshman. One threw 26 picks last year. So…one for three.


Nathan Scheelhaase, Illinois: While he does have a creepily in-depth “fan site,” he’s yet to take a collegiate snap. I’ve heard a wide array of comparisons, with the highest end being Brad Smith. I’d settle for Johnny Johnson.

Hoping for: 6 wins; Motor City Bowl, people!

Expecting: 3 wins; my quasi-optimism from last week was crushed by two devastating injuries to an already-suspect secondary


Jay Cutler, Bears: I’m surprised it took this long for someone to write a “Is it time to panic in Chicago?” post, because, in all seriousness, Chicago is always in some form of panic about the offense, even if it’s subdued. When Rex was threading needles all over the field back in 2006, there was handwringing that they weren’t playing “Bear football.” It looks like Cutler is going to be run ragged in the backfield though. Could he do the impossible and surpass 26 INTs?

Hoping for: 10 wins; this is a brutal schedule

Expecting: 7 wins


Matt Schaub, two fantasy teams: Awesome last year. Looking excellent in the preseason. Yes, it’s safe to say I’m expecting huge things from Matthew Rutledge Schaub. And considering the other two I’m leaning on, he kind of needs to deliver.

Hoping for: Championshiiiiiip

Expecting: Nothing less


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