Here We Go (Again)

So after a few years off, a move, a wedding, a career change and home ownership, I find myself itching to write some more (“itch” is such gross terminology for wanting to do something). It helped that a bunch of friends kept on me that they missed reading the old blog; obviously, that’s flattering, but it also meant that it was, at least somewhat, serving its purpose: keeping good conversations going (even if the comments were borderline non-existent). After college, one of the many things I missed was having an instant sounding board for vital questions like “Which NBA bust had the best nickname?” (answer: The Kandi Man). These things can be quickly addressed and resolved when you, your friends, and gobs of free time are mixed together in an eight-block radius.

But that was back in 2005. I owned a desktop computer and a flip phone, and neither one of these things were out of the ordinary yet. The notion of high school kids getting access to Facebook was still creeping everyone out. Posting to a blog involved sitting down and actually typing up a post at a desk. Now we’re full on in the opposite direction. Obviously, you know this, but every month there are new ways to keep your friends and family instantaneously aware of what you’re doing. I could, theoretically, just dump stray thoughts onto Facebook, but eventually you’d get annoyed and defriend me, and then I’ll never know when your birthday is. So I wanted to construct a place where I can post more stuff and you can opt-in if you want. Hopefully it’ll be fun.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go (Again)

  1. Touche, Matt. With each passing day, I get happier that Facebook was not a part of my HS experience. I remember having to memorize actual numbers for my cell phone. While walking to school uphill both ways in the snow, of course.

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